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What do you do at Hapkido UDA?
I am the Master Hapkido instructor and Kickboxing coach.

What made you want to start training martial arts, and how long have you been doing it overall?
I have been training in a variety of Martial Arts styles for around 35 years. As a young boy I participated in a variety of team sports however I never really enjoyed any of them. A friend of mine was training in Taekwondo at the local school hall & he asked me to come & try it. I was immediately hooked with the self-defence aspect especially all the kicking and punching.

What level of achievement have you reached in your discipline?
I am a 4th degree Black belt (Master Level) in Hapkido, 3rd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and a Black Belt in BJJ. I have also trained in Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing.

What drives your motivation for this discipline?
Hapkido is a traditional Korean Martial Arts style that involves joint locks, throws, kicking & striking. I love that in Hapkido the core values are Discipline and Respect.

My biggest motivation to keep training and teaching is the fact that both my kids have been training continuously since they were both 4 years old. I am a big believer that as their father & coach I need to lead by example.

What do you enjoy most about coaching others?
I enjoy the challenge of teaching and helping each student achieve their goals, which helps them with self-esteem & confidence.

One of the most rewarding feelings as a coach is seeing a student pushing past their comfort zone & achieving results they never thought that they could.

What’s a unique achievement or event you have experienced in your life?  
This is an interesting question. I have never been the most naturally physically gifted person but that has never stopped me from achieving all my goals. My greatest ability is my “never give up attitude”. I have never set myself a challenge & quit.

  • In my twenties I was an Australian bodybuilding champion (I trained Martial Arts at the same time).
  • I set myself a goal to become a Hapkido Black belt and I achieved it.
  • I set myself a goal to become a Taekwondo Black belt and I achieved it.
  • I set myself a goal to become a BJJ Black belt and I achieved it.

Can you share some tips about succeeding in whatever sporting discipline an individual may choose?

  • My number one tip is to stay humble & never assume that you know everything.
  • Set yourself realistic goals & prioritise them.
  • Be true to yourself “how bad to you really want to achieve the particular goal”.
  • Don’t quit & be tenacious in your attitude.

Looking forward, what do you hope to achieve with Hapkido UDA?
My goal is to be able to help as many students as I can by teaching them to be able to protect themselves in a variety of self-defence situations. My aim is also to help and educate my students on the benefits of Martial Arts for general health, coordination, flexibility and strength.

If you’d like any more information about any of our classes,  feel free to contact us here or email us at info@udasydney.com
– Team UDA