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If you want a solid guard game, you need to be able to sweep and reverse your opponent from bottom to top.

There are many variations for different situations of half guard, and a Jiu Jitsu student needs to learn all of the foundational techniques to have a wide range of sweeps in their library. 

Let’s break down how to put your opponent into a defensive position from half guard. 

1. Control the posting arm

This may be the most common type of mistake in sweeping. The posting arm is the arm that your opponent can use to post or push on the mat, to prevent being swept by your opponent. Whether it’s a straight aim posting down onto the mat or an elbow, it’s going to give you a solid structure and prevent you from being swept. 

2. Use your hips

Once you’ve established a solid base with your posting arm, use your hips to dig under your opponent’s hips to bring yourself closer, regrip by grabbing both sides of their hips and hip escape out. This move will gain you points in a competition setting and will put you in  a good position. From here, while controlling the arms, you knee slice through and can make those adjustments as you see fit.

3. Different tools for different scenarios

It’s normal to develop a favourite sweep when you’re playing guard. However, depending on your opponent’s weight and posture, you favourite sweep may not apply in every scenario. The best advice is to practice a variety of sweeps, so you’re prepared not matter what the situation. A large part of the fun of learning Jiu Jitsu is exploring all the different techniques and learning together with your training partners and team.  

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– Team UDA