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In Jiu Jitsu, we regularly train self-defence scenarios that might happen in a real fight. Say you’ve been knocked down by a punch or tripped over, and you’re flat on your back. To defend yourself, the first thing you should do is get both your legs in the air and get ready to kick with your heel, aiming for your opponent’s face or chin, shin, knee or either leg. The heel is the hardest part of the foot so it can do some real damage if you need to. 

Whether you’ve needed to kick or not, and you’re still on the ground and want to stand back up in a fight – there’s a right way and a wrong way to stand up. 

Most people would just try to bring their feet under them, or get onto both of their hands and knees and try to stand up. With either of these methods, you are seriously at risk of being kicked in the face by your opponent. Enter the “technical standup”.

To get back on your feet safely with a technical standup:

  1. Start flat on your back with your hands up. Keep one hand in front of your face for protection and come up onto one elbow.
  2. One leg is bent with your foot on the ground for a base, while your other leg is your kicking leg which you can use to get distance between you and your opponent if you need to.
  3. When you’re ready, sit up while keeping your arm in front of your face. Retract your kicking leg underneath your body, and then way past your body so that you’ve got a wide, solid base. Then take an extra half step back as your straighten into your fighting stance.

These are really simple and effective techniques to defend yourself with in a fight. Don’t underestimate the fundamentals. 

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– Team UDA