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What a day, what a team and what an effort.

We all came together at Sunday’s massive end-of-year competition, the NSW BJJF Summer Cup, and I’m proud to say that all our athletes felt supported and appreciated regardless of the result.

We had a huge number of registrations, with 101 competitors, and a total of 18 gold, 24 silver and 28 bronze medals collected by our team.

Our results were outstanding, as we placed third overall in all team categories – Kids and Juvenile, Gi and No Gi. Congratulations to the whole team on this incredible achievement.

The atmosphere was electric and the matches were exciting. I lost my voice very early on in the comp, which is something I need to work on maintaining throughout the day.

What really stood out was the team effort and unity that we all had regardless of a student’s base academy. This is something that everybody in attendance could notice.

As the day wore on, our momentum didn’t slow down, and we all picked up conversations in the crowd, “Who are Ultimate Jiu Jitsu? Where did they come from?”

With this competition, we’ve really made our mark as one of the major Jiu Jitsu clubs in Sydney.

The efforts that everyone put in, and the attitude and togetherness we all displayed as a team was both inspiring and rewarding to see what we’ve all created.

Congratulations to all the competitors on the mammoth team performance you all put in, and our list of medal winners:


Luke Manu

Dusko Trajkovski

Lucas Panto

Vera Naumoska

Michael Hatch

John Sherman

Liam Turner

Mohammed Mourtada


Isaac Karnib

Ababs Chebab

Kynan Eveleigh

Violet Sherman

Isla McCawley

Molly Rowland

Maya Rowland

Michael Hoffman


Vincent Sherman

Jawad Mando

Leo Ndaira

Reuben Le

Riley Salonga

Isabella Ivanoski

Natalia Markovska

Mohammed Mourtada

Michael Hoffman

Houssam Sharafdin

John Sherman

I also had the pleasure of grading three students to yellow belt on the podium as they displayed sheer dominance and skilfull technique in their matches: Dule, Lucas and Reuben, very well done and congratulations on the well-earned new belts.

Finally, a big thank you to all the instructors who coached the team, and family and friends that came out to support the competitors – you are truly appreciated and help to make the day great.

As we picked up those three trophies on the podium, and took a photo with the UJJ banner at the end of the day, we all felt it – we are building something very special.

See you all at the end-of-year seminars and gradings as we wrap up the year on a high.

If you’d like any more information, feel free to contact us here or email us at info@udasydney.com
– Team UDA