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Thank you to everyone that represented Roots at the Summer Cup on the weekend. Whether you won or lost, you did us all proud (and the instructors lost their voices in the process). 😅 We achieved all levels of medals, and we had the biggest team to date.

In some divisions there were only two competitors, which meant that a student only had one match. So they could either receive a gold medal, or a silver if they lost their match and came second. Some students get discouraged by this and I often get told “I don’t feel I deserve the medal because I didn’t win against anyone”.

My answer is always the same: just by entering the competition, you have beaten all the people that were too scared to compete. When you stand on the podium it doesn’t make a difference how many people were in your division. Just imagine the number of people that train Jiu Jitsu that should be in your division but aren’t. When you’re on the podium, they’re all watching you and can only dream or imagine to do what you have done.

So to all our competitors, congratulations again for taking on the challenge to test and better yourselves in your Jiu Jitsu. You have showed the courage it takes to put your skills on the line and pressure test your abilities.

If you’d like any more information, feel free to contact us here or email us at info@udasydney.com
– Team UDA