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What started out as a supplement to my training in Ninjutsu and boxing, has ended up defining me as a martial artist. This journey has taken me across the world to teach seminars in my country of ancestry, witness my students open up their own martial arts schools, and given me the pleasure of grading 19 people to black belt, in a martial art where it’s one of the hardest to achieve.

What made this 20-year anniversary of Roots Jiu Jitsu even more special, is that five of my students received their black belts. That’s five warriors that have put in more than a decade of dedicated training.

These men have overcome adversities that claimed many of their training partners in the past. Their commitment to the art and their never-give-up attitude has taken them to the rank of black belt, professor. We welcome and congratulate our newly graded professors:

Prof. David Chow

Prof. Stoyan Kosteski

Prof. Arash Shafiezadeh

Prof. Aleks Stojkovski

Prof. Denis Angelkovski

This is just the beginning for these men, and this post would be the length of a novel if I was to express what I thought of each one, and the struggles and journey they have gone through to achieve this coveted rank. Congrats again and I look forward to training with you with coral belts tied around our waist.

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– Team UDA