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Congratulations to our new blue belts this year who got graded at the Paulo Seminar in October, and our 20-year anniversary Roots seminar. Blue belt represents your first coloured grade in Jiu Jitsu, and with it, comes the acknowledgment that you now possess the skills to save yourself in a life-threatening situation, and you have the ability to dominate non-grappling martial artists in a grapple. That’s why every martial artist who doesn’t have a grappling background, should train with a Jiu Jitsu Professor and at least achieve the rank of blue belt. Otherwise you could find yourself in a situation where you’re taken out of your skill set. With a blue belt or equivalent training, you would regain your composure and establish the distance and range that suits. Congrats again Zoran Markovski, Craig Harris, Navin Upreti, Steve Dolevski, Mathew Emmanuelidis, and our juniors that have made their way from green belts, Matthew Becvarov and Zaki Angelevski.

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– Team UDA