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Once again we had the pleasure and honour of having Prof Paulo Guimaraes for a seminar. He showed various positions from guard and different ways of taking the back, and as usual, his understanding of Jiu Jitsu is at another level. After 20 years of seminars, I’m still learning from each and every one.

Paulo’s wealth of experience in this day and age is at times underappreciated, as I remember a time when we were training in basements trying to figure out how this Gracie system of fighting works. Enter Paulo, the first Brazilian black belt to live in Australia, who showed us the proper techniques and training philosophy that was passed onto him from Jorge Pereira and Rickson Gracie. If anyone from Roots hasn’t taken the opportunity to visit Paulo and do a class in Roots Chinatown, make it a priority and head down ASAP.

To everyone else from Roots, keep your eye out for his usual two seminars per year at every Roots gym, and remember, all Roots students can attend more than two seminars with Paulo. Just ask your instructor for dates and times in 2020.

Congratulations to Ignas Le who received his first coloured grade to blue belt after three years of training. He is a committed and dedicated student, who always has a smile on his face (even though he’s in the process of ripping your arm off). 😅

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– Team UDA