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We’ve had a big week at Ultimate Jiu Jitsu St George with 33 students getting well-deserved new belts to end the year on.

We welcome and congratulate the following students on their new grades:


Alejandro Chiorazzo


Benjamin Browning

Angela Ndaira

Jelena Tabakovic

Loc Mai


Liam Turner

Adrian Tan

David Malacrida

Ryan Coates

Tom Stivic

Abe Robertson


Micheal Karevski


Brooke Becvarov

Mark Benic

Noah Ndaira

Lucinda Popovski

Maya Rowland

George Stefanakis

Xander Tosevski

Jeremy Alvaran


Justinian Gulabovski

Marcus Mitrevski

Leo Pavleski

Tose Petkantchin

Riley Salonga


Abbas Chebab

Eteri Shushiashvili

Beau Stivic

Hina Gulabovska

Dylan Gordon

Congratulations to everyone who also got a stripe on their belt this week.

Your commitment to an activity that at times, can be unforgiving and relentless is both inspiring and life-changing. You have achieved a big milestone on your martial arts journey and I commend you for it.

Anyone who has passed through your current grade will tell you, every belt is but a moment in time and you have a short period of time between grades, so enjoy your moment and your hard-earned accomplishment.

As your instructor, it’s an honour to watch you develop and grow in your skills, character and strengths, see you on the mats in 2022. 

If you’d like any more information about any of our classes,  feel free to contact us here or email us at info@udasydney.com
– Team UDA