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We’ve had a big week at Ultimate Jiu Jitsu St George with 33 students getting well-deserved new belts to end the year on. We welcome and congratulate the following students on their new grades:

Brown: Alejandro Chiorazzo

Purple: Benjamin Browning, Angela Ndaira, Jelena Tabakovic, Loc Mai

Blue: Liam Turner, Adrian Tan, David Malacrida, Ryan Coates, Tom Stivic, Abe Robertson

Green: Micheal Karevski

Orange: Brooke Becvarov, Mark Benic, Noah Ndaira, Lucinda Popovski, Maya Rowland, George Stefanakis, Xander Tosevski, Jeremy Alvaran

Yellow: Justinian Gulabovski, Marcus Mitrevski, Leo Pavleski, Tose Petkantchin, Riley Salonga 

Grey: Abbas Chebab, Eteri Shushiashvili, Beau Stivic, Hina Gulabovska, Dylan Gordon

Congratulations to everyone who also got a stripe on their belt this week.

Your commitment to an activity that at times, can be unforgiving and relentless is both inspiring and life-changing. You have achieved a big milestone on your martial arts journey and I commend you for it.

Anyone who has passed through your current grade will tell you, every belt is but a moment in time and you have a short period of time between grades, so enjoy your moment and your hard-earned accomplishment. As your instructor, it’s an honour to watch you develop and grow in your skills, character and strengths, see you on the mats in 2022.

~ Rob

If you’d like any more information about any of our classes,  feel free to contact us here or email us at info@udasydney.com
– Team UDA