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On Monday, we held our biannual seminar and gradings, with guest instruction from our head instructors at Milperra, Matraville and Hurstville.

The theme for the seminar was half guard passing and sweeps, covering those small much-needed details required to adjust and execute those techniques successfully.

Our gradings were conducted in the usual warrior fashion with each student being graded called up to showcase their skills under pressure.

Black Belt

We are especially very proud to announce our newest black belt Professor Sotir Dimitrovski, or Sots, as we call him.

Sots started training with us in 2002 as a young 19-year-old and quickly achieved his blue belt.

After taking some time to develop his corporate career, and achieving a position as a Senior Executive, he came back to Jiu Jitsu and used that same drive and relentless perseverance to attain his black belt.

While he turns into a bulldozer in a fight, he is one of the most humble and intelligent people you could ever meet off the mats.

Black Belt, First and Second Degrees

I’m deeply honoured to have graded 27 people to black belt during my 20 years teaching Jiu Jitsu, who I’m also proud to call lifelong friends.

Many of them witnessed Sots receiving his black belt on Monday.

Earlier in the evening, they delivered sharp techniques, impressive half guard passing and sweeps during our seminar.

Then it was their turn to be graded.

Congratulations to James Hampton and Jason Awada on the second degree on their black belts.

Also congratulations to Arash Shafiezadeh, David Chow, Aleks Stojkovski, Denis Angelkovski and Stoyan Kosteski for the first degree on their black belts.

They all received their black belts together in December 2020, and have continued their martial arts journey.

Every one of them are phenomenal martial artists and great friends.

Brown Belt

We also congratulate our newest brown belts, Chad and Angela Ndaira.

This husband-and-wife dream team have been instrumental in the development of our kids and teens program.

With over a decade of experience in Jiu Jitsu, both Chad and Ang skills as martial artists are at the highest level, and Ang also heads up our women’s program.

Purple Belt

Our new purple belts are two of our hardest training students.

Abe Robertson and Brian O’Rourke have shown a determination and commitment to the art that is an example for all our younger adults to follow.

They both started Jiu Jitsu in their 40s, and we now welcome them to the new rank of purple belt.

Blue Belt

Finally, our newest blue belt Lenin has been with us a little while and has developed his grappling in both Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling.

He moves like someone far beyond the grade of blue belt and we look forward to seeing his progress in the years ahead.

Thank you to everyone that attended, and see you all at the Christmas party this Saturday at the Intersection Tavern in Ramsgate.

If you’d like any more information, feel free to contact us here or email us at info@udasydney.com
– Team UDA