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I can’t even remember how many times I have been asked this question. The time you spend wearing each of the coloured belts should be cherished, as you make life-changing memories that build character, with training partners that become your lifelong friends.

The Hakoah Club at Bondi Beach was the gym where Paulo taught us Jiu Jitsu. Those awesome and gruelling training sessions shaped who I am and allowed me to develop the sets of skills that I’m fortunate to have and pass onto others.

After most training sessions we would have a quick swim and get a light lunch, where we would relax and unwind. I became so comfortable with that place, that I even took my wife to Hotel Ravesis on our first date – where Andrew ran the security and Phillipa was the manager of restaurant, and they gave us the royal treatment.

The memories that you create and the people that you create them with, is more important than how long you have been on any belt colour. As I say to all my students, if you train properly and are committed you have a limited time on any particular coloured belt, so enjoy the memories and the journey.

To answer my student’s question from last week: which belt have you spent the longest on? I told him black belt, I have been stuck on it for nine years.

Thank you Paulo for the third degree on my black and also for bringing Roots Jiu Jitsu to Australia. Roots BJJ has not only created a training environment for me to learn this awe-inspiring art, but it’s also allowed me to recreate the same environment, memories and friendships with my own club and students.

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– Team UDA